Super Queer Lusty Fun Xtravaganza vs. God-des and She

Fire dancer Pegatron will surely heat up the night

Your Day of the Dead has gone from warmed-over to hot. As if there weren’t enough festivities crowing your holiday weekend, Berbati’s (231 SW Ankeny) presents Super Queer Lusty Fun Xtravaganza. A benefit for the Portland Women’s Crisis Line, SQLFX defines itself thusly:

Super Queer = All LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender), All the Time!

Lusty = Erotic, sexy, bawdy, sex-positive. Think cleavage, think lace, think romance novel covers, but gayer!

Fun = All of the above with a light touch, a bit of humor – Silly sexy

Xtravaganza = Drag Kings & Queens, Burlesque Queens, Singers, Variety Acts, Vendors of Sexy Fun, and more!

There are so many drag performers, variety acts and debauched stage mania that I can’t begin to describe each one but I can at least rattle off what SuperQueer promises:

Drag king Johnny O

Portland’s hottest variety performers round out the evening including such favorites as hot drag kings Johnny O and Bruce T.D. King, sensuous burlesque from Sahara Dunes, the live-singing talents of Ms. Zora Phoenix, hot firedancing by Pegatron, extreme contortion by Blaze, the beautiful voice of Dustina, the cast of the Lipz Cabaret of The Northbank, Belly Dancing by the ever shimmying Samina and Farrah, not to mention the debut performance of the beautiful burlesque babes Bang Bang Betty’s Big Beautiful Bombshells.

Also, vendors of the naughty & nice such as the naughty delights of InHerTube and the talented Pin-up renderings of Karina Dale, crowd-pleasing entertainment and the booty-shaking tunes of DJ Mel!

If your Halloween costume wasn’t sexy enough the new month is sure to make you bust out your Frankenfurter fishnets and and Elvira cleavage. I’m guessing you won’t mind if there’s a little drizzle outside to cool you off. You’ll need it.

But the hotness continues across the river as well at the monthly Girl 4 Girl at Rotture (315 SE Third). And while I’m not generally a huge G4G fan, performances by God-des and She will certainly make it an evening worth attending. The midwestern hip-hoppers were featured on Season 3 of the L Word and have been taking the gay soul world by storm. In a town where music and queer culture collide to make a beautifully loud messy mosaic of get down awesomeness, this show is bound to be more than off the chain.

Check ’em out in this video for “Love You Better” below:

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