Pride 2008 in review

Supergay! rides with Siren Nation

A record number of people were expected at this year’s Pride Parade and Festival and while I don’t have any numbers to share it was most definitely backed body to body in that fenced off waterfront area.

Clocking in a just under 2 hours this year’s parade was also a blast. I recall the past couple years having church after church march by. And while I am very glad that welcoming congregations exist their outfits were not always the most flamboyant. But, due to theme or not, I think everybody brought it this year. There were all kinds of queers on wheels from Dykes on Bikes, to roller derby roller skaters, supergays on fixies, kids on scooters and a whole lot of royalty rolling by in classic cars. Portlanders also like their pets and I chuckled as the fifth or sixth pet organization went by with their doggies in rainbow necklaces. And of course red dresses, drag queens, and all sorts of short shorts were in full effect.

A rainbow of colorful characters sparkled in the sunshine and while a few favorites of mine always include the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Radical Faeries and bar and club floats every group was bright and beautiful. So don’t miss some great snapshots (all the photos are up now) and share your own with the whole QPDX/ community.

And thank you all for stopping by our booth and reading some of my favorite posts. Your offline comments are fantastic and I will try to get some highlights from your messages up here as soon as I can.

2 comments to Pride 2008 in review

  • wep601

    It was a great weekend! We really enjoyed the festival and the parade! SUPER weather, and that area is just so wonderful to walk around in and just enjoy! I posted some pics. from our weekend at Pride NW also! 🙂


  • amydivine

    Yay, Supergay! It was a fantastic PRIDE, love to the Family. Thanks for the pictures, Alley ~ and the fantastic rainbow boa!!