Q news around the word: ‘Yeah right …’ edition

Interesting tidbits of queer web news for your short attention span pleasure.

HRC tries to explain their endorsement, instead digs a hole

Via Queerty:

Yesterday the non-profit’s VP of policy, David Smith, went on Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show to explain why he and his peers aren’t endorsing homo-politico Jim Neal.

Smith also attempted to clear up why they’re endorsing Senator Susan Collins, a Republican who supported anti-gay judges like Sam Alito, but the group chose not to endorse Oregonian politician Gordon Smith, who has also been a gay ally …

Only supporting the most mainstream of our community is a slippery slope … and not in a good way.

Journalist explains that gay people of color don’t marry, so he couldn’t write about them

The New York Times recently ran an article on young gay marriage which has been widely criticized for its narrow focus.

Also via Queerty:

I was also criticized by some for writing about upper-middle-class people. While several of the young men I profile are far from upper-middle-class (Brandon Andrew is a waiter and struggles to pay his art school college tuition on his own; Vassili is also a waiter; Marc works as a manager of a dental office), demographers and those who have studied what kind of gay men register their relationships have found that the vast majority are a) college educated, b) well off financially. This is especially true in Massachusetts.

An exploration of why people of color, academics, and/or working class communities aren’t taking advantage of marriage rights might be in order. Plus, I’ve found it is much easier to overlook people, and pretend they don’t exist, when you come with your own white, middle-class privilege …

Memphis High School in ACLU Crosshairs for Outing 2 Gay Students

Via Gay News Blog:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says principal Daphne Beasley in September 2007 asked her staff to give her the names of students who were couples, heterosexual and homosexual, because she wanted to keep an eye on them to cut down on public displays of affection.

Rosie no longer crushed out on Tom Cruise

You know you’re crazy when even Rosie O’Donnell wants nothing to do with you.

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