Is your choice for mayor for or against transvestites?

The ladies in question

In this little tidbit from the Mercury, “no chance in Portland” mayoral candidate Jeff Taylor exclaimed, “I’m appalled by Mr. Adams’ almost naked transvestites and I don’t think that’s the kind of city I want my family to live in…”

Aside from being all kinds of transphobic, the pictures that Merc commenters so gracefully supplied seem far from scandalous. The most scantily clad of these folks appears pretty biologically female (I have a belly like that and I can only dream of passing).

Though Adams didn’t address the comment, most of the Portland crowd of affordable housing advocates booed the candidate and a commenter expounded upon that negativity by saying “good riddance.”

2 comments to Is your choice for mayor for or against transvestites?

  • magamay

    Well, no one really knows Jeff Taylor so no one listens. But there is nothing wrong with a human having a sense of morality and not wanting their family to be around a sub-culture that have no worthwhile values. ‘Transphobic’? A phobia means a fear of something. Some people just don’t ‘like’ things or people. Mr. Taylor has a sense of morality and he probably just doesn’t like tranny’s. I doubt he’s building a bomb shelter and hiding in his house with a shotgun living in fear of them. Even fewer people in Portland care about transvestites than they do for Jeff Taylor.

  • biglipzulu

    No way! These fellas are too manly to be transvestites. They’re just guys in drag. Way funny to look at. If I were Sam Adams, I wouldn’t want to be associated with this at all!