A well deserved Gaycation

The film fest has been great. Really, the Autumn transition calls for a sedate sit down with other queer folks where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of popcorn and the silver screen. But even though pounding rain might make others want to curl up and cuddle I’ve been feeling the urge to get out and get down. It’s been a couple weeks so I’m excited for what should be an exceptionally “banging” Gaycation this Saturday at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison).

Jenna Riot, a super sexy electro chanteuse will be up all the way from San Fran to really get the night kickin’. Plus, Gaycation co-founder and DJ extraordinaire Mr. Charming will be celebrating her thirtieth. She says it’s Saturday and if you’re gay you have to go out. I say why would you want to fight it? I’m certainly taking this much needed Gaycation.

2 comments to A well deserved Gaycation

  • marymac1015

    thanks alley!! you rule!!
    as you know, it was packed to the gills with dancin’ homos on saturday night!

  • alley

    Thanks back Big M for throwing such a righteous party. I’ve been needing one of those and I could barely move in there. But where was the back room? That’s the next step I think…