An ‘Itty Bitty’ review

I can only describe last night’s screening of Best Feature Film winner at SXSW, Itty Bitty Titty Committee as cute. The film from the director of But I’m a Cheerleader, got off to a slow and somewhat trite start as we’re introduced to the baby dyke Anna who has to simultaneously deal with a breakup, rejection from the only college she applied to, wearing a dress for her sister’s wedding and working as a receptionist in a sexist plastic surgery clinic. When she catches a beautiful vandal defacing the clinic with a can of red spray paint the mysterious stranger, Sadie, doesn’t run away but flirts mercilessly and invites her to her political action group Clits in Action (CIA).

Luckily the story’s initial lack of depth doesn’t last the length of the film. That’s not to say that all the more basic instincts of the queer punk girls that filled the theater are ignored. There’s lots of girly makeout scenes, protesting and direct action antics, and a soundtrack straight from the ipod of any neo-riot grrl. But the characters do evolve beyond merely young radical feminist hipsters to become real people who make genuine mistakes. They also make connections with each other that go beyond the incestuous lezzie group dynamics to culminate in a truly innovative final action.

The filmmaking itself was also pleasantly understated. The bulk of the cinematography wasn’t classically beautiful but the video shots took us to close up angles that reflected a sincerity as Aggie discusses living in his car after being kicked out of his parents’ house for being trans or when Anna and Sadie first get close. The montage scenes, while not the most original, are also quite satisfying with their grainy Sadie Benning-like cinematography.

But if none of these are compelling reasons to catch Itty Bitty then at least go for the cameos. L Word co-creator and Go Fish star Guinevere Turner plays and excellent Oprah meets Katie Couric style talk show host and fellow L Word star Daniela Sea plays a dishonorably discharged army vet with a penchant for explosives. Jenny Shimizu (Foxfire) just pops up every now and then to remind us how hot she is and even Clea DuVall makes a short appearance as punk rock lead singer.

Now I had a tough time deciding which trailer to include in this post, the short sexy one, or the theatrical release trailer that tells you all about the plot and the producers etc. And I definitely recommend checking out the latter. But who am I kidding? Half the reason to watch this film are the ladies getting it on and I know you’ll want just a little taste…

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