What I’m listening to special Katastrophe edition

The title’s a little misleading actually. I didn’t really listen to Katastrophe this week. I was working on a mix CD that is bittersweet while putting my ipod on a bit of random to get myself out of the nostalgia hole. I think I got the ipod sync working again so hopefully I can get back to listenin’…Still trying to get my hands on Tegan and Sara’s new album ‘The Con’ but I really don’t want to buy from iTunes anymore.

Anyway, this odd mixture of listening gave me songs from The Blow, Gravy Train!!! (I was trying to have some hopeful, upbeat tunes), Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip and Everything But the Girl. Ladytron and Gwen Stefani rounded out the end of my top 5, even though they each only had 1 listen.

As for Katas, a fantastic hip hop artist outta nearby SF, who also happens to be an out FTM, the boy is starting a tour around these many states very soon. He also has a new video out for “The Life” which I’ve included below. After you’ve given it a peep head on over to Logo’s Click List to vote and make sure the queer folks get recognized.

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