Lipstick and Dipstick go techy

I’ve often been frustrated at not being able to get Curve magazine’s content online. Then I realize that glossy rags are all about having to slap down your fiver (or more) and holding the bound and pretty pages in your hot little hands. But the blogosphere is about linking to sites that you make connections with. It’s about instant gratification and being able to access information from anywhere for free. It’s about being young and eager to forge new content through technology and communication. That’s why I’m so excited that Curve advice columnists Lipstick and Dipstick now have a full-time blog online (though I’d love some love back ladies!).

Both writers, who irreverently represent the more butch and femme among us, live in Portland though they write for the Bay based Curve. Kathy Belge, aka Dipstick, and I go way back as she was a facilitator for one of the many queer youth groups I attended before heading out into the wide world. The L&D blog is not so much an advice column, as their print work is, rather it is more a quasi-personal queer outlook by friends who can write better than your average livejournaler. And they’re so darn cute in all their little adventures and pseudo-fight pictures…

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