Fun with face recognition

So, I’m sure there’s important news going on in the world. And I know I haven’t really had time to pay attention. Any attention I might have had has drifted away on the summer breeze. Apparently, though, I do have time to pay attention to the “What celebrity do I look like?” fun that a new friend introduced me to.

I don’t really know Jay Chow but he’s so adorable I’m happy to resemble him most. And as for the mixture of a 1960s Paul McCartney, the littlest Hanson brother, Missy Elliott and my airborne heroine Amelia Earhart…oddly enough, I can totally see it…But don’t as me about Jamie Lee Curtis. I really don’t know where that one came from.

Oh yeah, there’s more…

Not sure what to say about this one except I guess this is a really hot picture I used…I’m totally Ashton Kutcher. In fact, I think I’ve been teased about that in the past…

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