Pride recap

My lady is ready for the parade…

Though the party at the Waterfront still rages I’m sure, Pride weekend for Team Awesome, GrundleForce! has come to a close. We are officially putting our feet up, grilling some dogs on the barbie, rifling through our free schwag from the booths at Pride (we love you Fantasy video), and not even thinking about cleaning a house now cluttered with balloons and other bits of rainbow ephemera. We’re still gay and still proud but girl, we’re exhausted. And it was a weekend full of ups and downs, yes there was some anxiety and even some tears but it was beautiful.

Booty on Saturday started off the weekend with some queer piratecore fun. I loved the rainbow mesh below the skull and crossbones flag. Saturday’s running around like fools for costume bits was ended nicely with that always mingley Dyke March, dinner at Crush and then back down to Acme for Queer Rebellion. The music from Puppet, Mr Charming and the other DJs was jamming as usual. The only bad thing was a glass dropped on my toe but I escaped relatively unscathed, even if getting up today was tougher.

And today, that was the real finale. I like to think we looked pretty spiffy in our outfits with roller skating ladies holding our sign. The camraderie at today’s parade even made us a little misty. But enough of me just telling you have fantastic this year’s Gay Pride was, check out the photos. And by all means, take a nap now!

QPDX crew at the start of the parade.

6 comments to Pride recap

  • skibumusa

    You people are one sick puppy’s

  • pdxdavidb

    Well…at least we’re intelligent, which is more than we can say for you based on the grammer and the content of your message.

  • alley

    i don’t mind being sick, it’s part of our charm. Better yet I forgot to relate the delight of my friend but got carded at the Fantasy Video table which was giving out free stuff. She just kept going “I’m 28!” so it is pretty funny to be carded for an 18+ type thing. Like the time I got carded going to see the movie ‘Kinsey.’ I think I was 24 at the time…anyway, good times…

  • alley

    Of course the other question is “one sick puppy’s” what?

  • stevejdavis

    I am a licensed psychologist. I specialize in young adults who were molested as children and have become homosexuals. There is help for your mental disorder.

  • alley

    Sorry, I think I’m a way more fun mentor for young people coming out. And SMYRC is probably even more fun than me.