Guest commentary: Agent Orange

What a trooper. In the final hour as we’re getting ready to hop on the bikes and head one down, Agent Orange writes her guest blog. Because of the pressure of being late know knows what we ended up with…

Contrary to the popular opinion of one Banana-Mo (also known as Banana Boat), I do NOT like video poker. I don’t understand it. Must be the chemicals from back in ‘Nam.

Wait…I wasn’t in ‘Nam. But my daddy was. Maybe that’s it.

Anyway, I am Agent Orange, here to represent all that is hot, exciting, and safe. That’s right, folks. Safe-T first, last, and always. You gotta take precautions when you are as hott as I am, and so I wear the hunter safety orange with pride. At Pride. I don’t want my head to get shot off on the Day of Gay. Kno’ what I mean? It’s a nice head.

As for the liking ladies with more than one nipple…I like all kinds with all sorts of arrangements of various body parts. And I don’t like to stick to one side of the fence. Variety is the spice of life. And I like life spicy.

See you at the circus.

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