Where’s my gay news man?

The last few weeks seem to have been a whirlwind of politics, filled with all kinds of queer news, and the beginnings of summer have made events plentiful. So I find myself at loss when I spend my Friday trolling the internet, calendars, papers and really can’t find anything terribly noteworthy to write about.

Miranda July

Sure, there’s Miranda July’s reading tonight, which should be fantastic, but does she even consider herself queer anymore? Besides, I didn’t get a review copy of her new book so I haven’t read it.

There’s also been some news about testicular cancer and Dan Savage freaking out about HPV but no one wants to hear about that on a Friday night.

And of course NewNowNext provides its own kind of completely random and often irrelevant pop culture news.

Even my own gaywad group of friends is having a hard time getting it together. Some folks don’t want beer, some don’t want meat, and some just don’t want Mashtun. So, tell me readers, what’s going on this weekend eve?

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