What I’m listening to

So, since’s little widget here doesn’t archive, I’ve decided to comment/list some of my top musicians of a week, just to have something of an archive.

This week was basically a little roundup of music I’ve acquired fairly recently but have already forgotten about. (Nothing brand new, that’ll be next week, because my emusic month just rolled over. I’m getting some new stuff on the ipod presently.) I remembered that I downloaded The One AM Radio, and got in a lot of listening of Under Byen, this fantastic Danish group that is reminiscent of Bjork. I also brought up some Joey Casio, Peaches, Royksopp and Air’s most recent album “Pocket Symphony.” Lesbians on Ecstasy and RJD2’s newest albums rounded out the week, although I’ve decided I like the previous work of both those bands better than their current offerings.

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