Pajamas, pillowfights and pandemonium

Being the oldtimer that I now am I don’t devote nearly enough space in this blog to the events that those with the under 21 handicap can attend. But I remember those days well, swigging nips in the car and squeaking together the entrance fee 10 minutes before the club opened. There was only one place to go. It went by many names, The City Nightclub, The Evolution, The Rage, but has finally settled on The Escape. And now that I’m sure it’s much more wholesome than it was in the 90s I can, in good conscience, advocate attendance at this Friday’s Pajamas, Pillowfights and Pandemonium slumber party to benefit the Sexual Minority Resource Center (SMYRC).

I’m not sure if they’ll be screening Grease but there’s bound to be some college kids in fantastic sleepwear costumes. And the best part about all ages parties is that they can go beyond 2am. So try not to trip over your bunny slippers as you as bust a move starting at 10:30 at The Escape ( 333 SW Park Ave).

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