Choosing gender in NYC

It might not directly benefit most Oregonians but there may be a precious few among us born in the big apple. And for anyone that was born in NYC you may soon have some amount of control over the sex listed on your birth certificate. As any return readers will know, I believe gender to be a rather fluid and largely superfluous construct to begin with, however many people, including those who are straight, queer, trans and anything in between are quite attached to the concept. Certainly the country as a whole is. So I think this idea is monumental. In actuality, to someone like me, it makes little difference. But to those who feel trapped in an assigned gender this gives an additional freedom and acknowledgment, as well as very real set of legal rights. This, of course, is where many may find a problem. The article brings up the idea of then being able to marry your (newly) opposite gender without surgery. Then again, if the whole idea of legal marriage was reformed in this country this wouldn’t be a problem. And likewise, the idea that surgery changes who you are and how you’re allowed to be documented is scary as well. The article brings up the very important points that not everyone can afford surgery, wants surgery and many surgeries that trans individuals would want simply to do not exist. For example, there really isn’t a wholly effective bottom surgery for FTMs. Unfortunately, I don’t know this these innovations are on the top of the medical science field’s list. I wish it were higher…

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