Vote tonight…and then go to this show

Though I’m guessing most of you will be frantically bubbling in your ballots because you waited until the last minute to make your electoral voice heard, when you calm your political fervor you will be rewarding with the uplifting sounds of Scream Club, Show Me the Pink, and Joey Casio.

Until then, make use of Basic Right’s endorsements, although I personally found The Merc’s better and more comprehensive. This is an important one folks so get out there, even if it’s flooding and drop off your ballot.

Once you have, however, take your empowered citizen self down to the Paragon to start you election night (hopefully) celebration. While this trio of hot genre-crossing bands may not be directly tied to elections all 3 have their own brand of queer, off beat politics. I’m sure the political discussion will ride the dace wave throughout the night. Better still, two of the artist have shiny new albums available in all their shrink-wrapped glory. Fantastic and brightly colored electro-hip-hopster-punks Scream Club have just released Life of Heartbreaker featuring guest appearances from Peaches, Tender Forever, Nicky Click, Electrosexual and others. Joey Casio, our favorite child-instrument-toting Oly hipster nice boy, has dropped his own new tunes, an album called attack decay. Both albums will be available at the show.

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