Beyonce and Eva sitting in a Victorian lesbian movie tree…

Though I am often frustrated by Queerty’s treatment of anything other than male as an afterthought they do occasionally bless me qith really exceptional news…like Sofia Coppola’s remake of the Sarah Water’s tale of Victorian lesbian love, Tipping the Velvet. Better yet, it’s likely to star Eva Longoria and Beyoncé Knowles. I guess it shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. Longoria doesn’t seem to be afraid of looking a little lez happy.

I am not usually excited to hear about another British TV show or movie that we decided to steal and dumb down for an American audience but Coppola may just make a different enough film, hopefully one that doesn’t pander to American simpleness, that it may be worth it. The BBC mini-series version was a bit more flippant than the book and that angered some, but the BBC has always been irreverent and I appreciated the fresh perspective on the book, which is on my top 10 best queer books ever. The story is one I think is so interesting that a fresh perspective can still make a good film with nuances not seen before.

I had the very same thought as Queerty also that it seemed a little bizarre, considering the novel has no characters of color in it, that she would choose those 2, but Queerty says it in a much more amusing way: “We suppose Coppola’s using her artistic license on this one, which – despite what you may think after Marie Antoinette – is actually a good thing.”

Beyoncé says that it’s time for the ladies to get the same mainstream attention as the Brokeback men and the 2 potential stars are also supposed to have said that, “…they weren’t at all coy about the sex scenes. In fact they both seemed to think it would be more fun than doing the same work with a man.” Which I doubt I would be likely to hear from Heath Ledger but makes sense coming from women. I especially think this might be an easier gig for actresses who are already married or involved, seeing as co-stars can often end up as lovers…

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