The news and the fun

A lot has happened this week during my excessively long absence (due to ridiculous things like, excessive workload). New Jersey fought an awkward battle, and seemed to win…if in that wishy washy way to which, it seems, I must resign myself. But New Jersey’s highest court did rule Wednesday that homosexual couples are due all of the rights accorded to heterosexual couples, and has given the legislature six months to either grant gay couples the right to marry, or come up with another civil-union type system. And that is certainly worth celebrating, even when you have to keep in the back of your mind that, even in states where it may become legal, we can still be denied our rights, as evidenced by late Congressman Studds’ partner being denied death benefits.

Sissyboy halloweenBut as we head into the seriousness of election time, and consider the ramifications of new legal rulings such as NJ’s we also need to give ourselves the time to let go. And what better way to let loose and be truly freaky queer than with the costumed mania that is Portland’s Halloween happenings. Just Out’s main article highlights the best places to get costumes, though at this late date I’d also like to point out OregonLive’s own cheeky options. As for what to do once you’re all dressed up check out Just Out’s haunted events calendar. As for me, tonight’s a tough call between Doubledown at Holocene and an amazing sounding Disco party at the Wonder Ballroom (have I talked before about how much I love the 70s and how I was born too late?) As for the night of Haunts itself, I recommend Sissyboy’s take on the religious Halloween "Hell Houses" at the Doug Fir, especially for anyone (like me) who missed their Friday night zombie performance. Although any holiday with Amy Sedaris is tempting too…

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