Smear campaigns

I’ve never been a proponent of smear campaign tactics, but if they’re being used against us, and they’re as effective as they appear to be, I suppose one must fight fire with fire. Not only that, but the complaints could be quite valid. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. Speaker of the house, and homophobe, Karen Minnis has been smearing opponent Rob Brading for weeks now in television ads. Now he’s fighting back by exposing the possible cover up of of her husband’s alleged attempted sexual assault.

And, while elections are quite a serious matter, you have to embrace the humor that does exist. It gets us through the pain. While watching Hardball with Chris Tucker my partner and I were introduced to this ridiculously funny smear campaign ad that has since been pulled from TV. And it has nothing to do with Oregon, but it is hilarious in its horribleness and even mocks the idea that anyone would understand who a transgendered person or an native Aleutian is. And perhaps most Americans don’t understand either of these words, but a politician should be familiar with them. Lucky for us, though the commercial is no longer airing, we can mock it from the comfort of our own computer screens. It is included below.

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