Talk about special rights…

Though American finally one the marriage battle in one state, and one state only, we’ve always known that this was a tenuous one, and that it would create problems with federal law. This is why I laugh, if incredibly sadly, at those that claim gays and lesbians want special rights. Equal rights would give Massachusetts gay spouses access to so many benefits that married people enjoy. One of these is death benefits, which, apparently, we are not entitled to. The first gay congressman died this weekend and he was a married Massachusetts resident. However, his partner has been denied the $62,000 yearly pension to which he would be entitled if he was a woman. While I’m sure this man is not as struggling as most Americans it is important that there be a public outcry on his behalf, because rights are being denied Americans everyday that may not be lucky enough to be heard, and are in much greater need. It’s time we realized and publicized the fact that gay people in this country are over-taxed and under-benefited.

Thanks to Peep, for bring this to my attention.

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