Queer as Folk series finale

Americas first all queer show (stolen from across the pond of course) is ending . . . forever. What ever are we going to do without our soft core boy on boy action fix? As I stated earlier, I am concerned that the show is going to end with a happy heteronormative fix, and my fears have not been allayed in subsequent episodes. But I have other worries as well. Obviously, that Tad character is bad news for Teddy. Hes cutting him off from all his friends and we all know how fragile and susceptible lil Mr. Schmidt is. But worse than anything happening to Teddy, would be if he and Emmett got back together. Emmett, you are way too fabulous for that sniveling sap. Teddy, I never really liked you. It is significant that his character dies in that initial Season 1 episode in the British version. Everyone else seems to be tied, rather neatly, into their matrimonial packages, so I suppose Im not particularly concerned, or excited really, to see what happens to them. But bravo boys, youve had a good run, and, despite all your flaws, I will miss you. Be sure to tune in early to check out the retrospective a half hour before the show.

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