QAF you didnt fail me

Last nights series ender was a much pleasanter surprise than anticipated, even if it was carried out in Queer as Folks usual glaringly obvious and cheesy manner. The rest of this post is filled with spoilers, so if youve waited to see it with the boys at Slaughters read the rest of this tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you Queer as Folk, for returning to your thumpa thumpa, plastic ass, roots. Thank you for not putting Teddy and Emmett together. Thank you for your bittersweet decision to keep Brian and Justin in love but still the party boys and dream pursuers, not marriage material. And thank you, most of all, for cracking a much needed joke at the HRC. Because, Michael Nvodty, you are right. Straight gays may want it to look like our community is just like everyone else: married with children in perfect stable, monogamous relationships, wearing the clothes of the appropriate gender. Thank god, thank us, we are different. We do embrace gender variance, new constructions of family, new ways of looking at the world. So queer as folk, I can happily say, so long, its been fun

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