Bearracuda's Pride party begins tonight an hour early

It hasn’t even been a year, and Bearracuda has already snuck into the niche as one of the hottest, gayest parties in Portland.

DJ Boyshapedbox spinning at Portland's first Bearracuda in July '09

Roasting the grill an hour early, Bearracuda starts at 8pm tonight at Branx (320 SE 2nd) with DJ Matt Consola, Sam Storicks, DJ Rude Dudes, and DJ Boyshapedbox.

The Mercury’s Queer issue is heralding tonight’s Bearracuda as one of the picks of Pride Weekend, describing it as “ultra-masculine, sometimes hairy queerness”.

Of course, what other parties, other than the yearly BEARTOWN, offers a big, raucous bacchanal with voodoo donuts for free on the back patio? Maybe Routture/Branx should just officially call themselves a queer bar and give up any pretenses. With parties like Blow Pony and Bearracuda, and other sporadic events like Soul Night and Freak-Show-A-Go-Go, Rotture seems to be the place for queers and gay.

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