PLGFF film review: ‘Tomboy’


Narratives about those crossing the gender spectrum, in whatever capacity, are just beginning to enter mainstream culture. I often find myself wanting to see more well-rounded, and dare I say happy portrayals of non-gender conforming people on screen. Tomboy, a French film by Director Céline Sciamma, does not paint a wholly a rosy picture, but it does portray the young child protagonist with compassion and sincerity.

Ten year old Laure is mistaken for a boy when she moves to a new town over summer break. She embraces it fully, going by the name Michael, taking her shirt off, and even fashioning a makeshift packy out of Play-Doh. The film delves into the parentless world of children on summer vacation very well. The kids are fully fleshed out characters that are quite adorable and smart, even as they are still juvenile and innocent.

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PLGFF Wednesday the 5th previews: Mangus, Tomboy


In our second FTM-related tale, 10-year-old Laura moves to a new town and tells everyone her name is Michael. This works fine all summer long in the French countryside but things change and secrets begin to emerge as the school year approaches.

Tomboy Trailer by peccadillopictures

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