The Ethical Butcher presents the Northwest Farm & Table Project

From Berlin’s EB blog:

As local produce begins to fill our farmer’s markets and grocery stores once again, I am announcing a brand new project! Both the Bacon Gospel and Heritage Breed Supper Club will continue to preach the local meats truth later this year, but The Northwest Farm & Table Project drives the message home in a whole new way!

Some of you may recall those raging community dinners I was doing last summer with Tressa Yellig of Salt, Fire & Time. One plate dinners overflowing with local meats and produce had people lining up all the way to the sidewalk! Others have attended my more formal dinners and bacon tastings or that big bash last fall for Primal Cuts. My style is about making this amazing, local food accessible to more people. So, as the farm season gets going, I have been planning this year’s list of events and could think of no better way to take the
conversation to another level than to bring the message home! To your  home, that is.

The Northwest Farm & Table Project runs from April 22nd (Earth Day) to May 20th!

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