A Q&A with Market Q creator Ali Williams

Portlanders really appreciate spring and summer. It’s a time when the rain combines with the emerging sun to create amazing fecundity and joy. Much of this is reflected in our love of Farmer’s Markets. The rest of the world may be freaking out about the lack of produce harvests and rising gas prices, but we can grow just about anything temperate in the space between the sidewalk and the street. That’s right, the PacNW is fertile.

Now the queer community wants in on the veggie, flowers, artistan action (well, in a more overt way that is) with our very own Farmer’s Market at the Q Center. Beginning this weekend, Market Q, will set up shop in front of the gay and lesbian community center every Saturday from 8 to 1. And it’ll be worth fighting your hangover to brave the half sunshine half drizzle of Mississippi Ave community shopping, both gay and straight.

As part of my excited anticipation I talked with Market Q creator Ali Williams about what kind of vendors we expect to see and what which edibles will make our soil-loving hearts go aflutter.

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