DJ of the week — Bender

DJ Bender aka Christine Martins

Every week (or so…) we introduce you to a local LGBTQ party DJ and ask them about their experiences in the scene and feature an audio mix they’ve made. This week we’ll be featuring 2, as there are 2 great upcoming parties, one brand new and one only quarterly. So while I’d rather space them out this is an exception. If you’re interested in being featured contact

DJ Bender has been known by many names in our community, but has consistently put good tunes into a successful party, whether it was early gigs at Booty, the dualistically themed Sluts’n’Squares or her brand new night debuting this Thursday at Crush, Trans-It! With this new monthly cocktails and dancing hosted by Tammy Whynot, Christine Martins is back to take the night by storm with once of the first queer nights directly catering to a cross-gendered trans community.

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