The Need and Bangs reunion show review

Discussing our excitement over the upcoming reunion show with The Need a few days before last Friday’s finale a friend commented that she was worried that they wouldn’t still have it. That they were (as we are) getting older, hadn’t played in awhile, and who knows what kind of skills they’ve lost in the lackadaisical interim (I’m exaggerating her comments here for effect).

But I needn’t have worried. Because last Friday night they brought down the house.

Not only were they tight and nuanced, but every bit a energetic as they ever were. And even as Rachel pulled up her shirt to expose her own mastectomy scars she joked about now being able to mow the lawn shirtless before launching into another perfectly executed anthem. And though my musical taste has tended more toward that which can be danced to as of late, their alt-metal filled a need in my body I didn’t even know I had.

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