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There seems to be a renaissance among lesbian comedy and it’s an exciting time to see ladies up on stage making us laugh from the big names like Ellen Degeneres taking over JC Penny ad campaigns or locals consistently making it happen in P-Town such as Belinda Carroll. The latter will be opening for the hilarious Dana Goldberg when she comes to town Sunday March 25th at the Star Theater, in a show sponsored by Inferno/Hotflash Dances.. And you and a guest could see her for FREE if you’re clever enough to come up with a comment that convinces me you deserve the tickets.

But first, a little more about Dana. As the youngest child in a single parent household run by a Jewish mother in which two out of three kids are gay, she focuses many of her routines on her family including a great bit about the correlation between lactose intolerance and gayness. But one of my favorite lines questions why lesbians can walk about without gloves and have it not be considered indecent exposure.

Golderbg has had her own comedy special on the Logo network and a DVD, “Hot & Bothered-Dana Goldberg Live.” She has performed at numerous festivals including “We’re Funny That Way Comedy Festival” in Toronto, Canada, “The Lesbian and Gay Comedy Festival” in Dearborn, Michigan, “The Comedy Festival” in Las Vegas, Nevada (produced by HBO and sponsored by TBS), and “The Fringe Festival” in Edinburgh, Scotland. Curve magazine has called her one of the 5 funniest lesbians in the country.

So what do you have to do to win tickets to see this powerhouse of hilarity? Firstly, make sure when you enter you include your first and last name as well as email within the comment (emails will not be shown publicly) or send a separate note directly to letting me know which comment entry is yours. Secondly, you better work your funny bone.  So be irreverent, sardonic, or just plain witty in explaining why you want to see Dana Goldberg or why you deserve (or don’t deserve) to go. All judging is completely arbitrary and unfair, I assure you.

Entries are due by 5pm next Wednesday March 21st at 5pm.

For some comedic ideas check out a video clips of Dana on stage in Seattle:

10 comments to Win tickets to see comedian Dana Goldberg

  • Ohhhhhh! I want to win tickets to see Dana!! If I only knew how to enter I might have a chance to win and impress my friend (someday I’ll have more than one). I guess I’ll never win ((sniff))

  • FuR

    I’m lactose intolerant and I vote. Pick me.

  • Seriously, Dana NEEDS me to win tickets to see her perform. I am a stand-up comedian’s best lucid dream with my untimely, pre-punchline, ridiculously loud hysterics that include such splendors as the Donkey (self explanatory), Witchy Woman (as in which woman is making that obnoxious noise so I can embarrass/harass that laugh into hiding), and the Drunken Snuffleupagus (which lies somewhere between accidental milk snorting and angry elephant).
    Plus, my best-good friend is having a rough go of it and in need of a good laugh, which she usually gets from me, but I could use a break.

  • Wendy Malone

    Because I’ll show up with gloves on. I’m kind of a tease.

  • Voting has officially closed and the winner is…

    (drum roll)

    Wendy Malone! because I appreciate pithy one-liners and references to both the artist and my writing. Flattery will get you everywhere. (Instructions will be emailed to you shortly)

    But wait, hold on…we might have a runner up category so if you’ve got a quip just ready to come out you might still have a chance! Put it up there and I’ll let you know if second place really is just the first place loser…

  • Next time I see you in public, Alley, I will smile at you and give you a big hug. And who doesn’t like hugs?

  • … especially when they involve boobs