Just Out announces return to publishing

On the eve of the launch of new queer Portland publication PQ Monthly, Just Out has announced that they will be resuming publication under a whole new team. On the JO Facebook page today new publisher Jonathan Kipp of Glenn-Kipp Publishing, Inc, had this to say:

GOOD NEWS PORTLAND/VANCOUVER/WORLD: Just Out is coming back!!! That’s right. You didn’t think an iconic publication like JO would just walk off into the sunset, did you? We have work to do and progress to make. We have (at least) 30 more years in us to bring news & entertainment to our community. New publisher. New staff. New voice. New look. New vision. Just Out 2.0 is around the corner. Please keep following us here until then. And THANK YOU in advance for your continued support.

We’ve seen the LGBT media storm in Portland before with various web or print based publications coming and going, so will this be just another chapter in the PDX queer media drama? We can only wait and see. But qPDX has been with you through it all so we will continue to keep you informed on the ups and downs these publications as well as continuing to consistently provide you with all your local news, views and events.

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