Win tickets to see comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer

Suzanne Westenhoefer

Suzanne Westenhoefer broke ground as the first openly lesbian comedian ever to appear on television. This happened way back, before even Ellen, when I was still toting around neon Trapper Keepers. It was 1991 on an episode of Sally Jesse Raphael entitled “Breaking the Lesbian Stereotype…Lesbians Who Don’t Look Like Lesbians.”

But perhaps her biggest bragging rights come from her 1994 HBO Comedy Special, which earned her a Cable Ace Award nomination. Se has also appeared on David Letterman, Bravo, Logo and GSN.

She’s also part of the troupe starring in the web series We Have to Stop Now, a romantic dramedy that follows two lesbian therapists as they struggle to keep up the pretense of staying together when a documentary film crew invades their home after the success of their book “How To Succeed In Marriage Without Even Trying.”

Over 20 years of funny and you could see it LIVE! For FREE! when she comes here to Portland, appearing at the Aladdin Theater next Friday the 13th. How you ask? Well, let’s try a bit of wit. Comment in the space provided below the post and the user with the funniest reason they deserve to go will win a pair of tickets to Friday’s show.

Make sure you include a real email when posting your comment (it will not be shown publicly) or send a separate email with contact information to Comments close Tuesday at 10pm.

Check out a video with clips of some of her work below to get pumped!

16 comments to Win tickets to see comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer

  • I want tickets! is this how i enter to win?

  • Yes, comment here in your best comedienne impersonation to win tickets. I updated the text to be a little clearer.

  • Deb Walker

    SW: What do you mean this is the first time you’ve been to my show? What didya just come out yesterday when you won these tickets? Good reason though… Anybody got a toaster oven too for them? Catch my reruns on HBO or something…

  • Cindy

    Yes! Tickets, please!

  • @kachusik

    Yay for free tickets1

  • Kelly

    Big Suzanne fan. To this day I can’t not laugh when I think of her story about Martina Navratilova’s thighs of steel and Suzanne’s reaction when Martina patted her lap and told Suzanne to sit down. Sexy, funny and awesome. I guess that’s not funny unless you’ve seen the bit. :/ Well, if it helps, I’ll add a little joke for you.
    Knock Knock!
    Who’s there?
    Butch who?
    Butch your arms around me!

  • sam

    The tickets would be a great opportunity for me and my lady friend to go out on a nice date. The catch is that we’ll have to be able to find shoes that aren’t caked with chicken shit, shirts that aren’t riddle with snags from kitty claws, jackets that aren’t covered in dog hair, and pants that aren’t spattered with paint…..but given the chance to see a smart, sassy lady, we’ll give it our best shot.

  • Jess

    Winning these tickets would mean that I would have a much needed night away from my “needy cat” whom I love and would arguably “love more” after a night of comedy with Suzanne Westenhoefer.

    “My Needy Cat”
    Whenever I am home, my cat is always like “Where you going? You going to the kitchen? I’m going into the kitchen with you. Oh, you are going up the steps – oh I’m right here with you. Are you going to go pee? Okay I’ll wait right here for a second. Oh you going into the kitchen – oh right good. You are making a sandwich. Oh what is that? Meow! Give me some. I don’t care that it is just the knife. I want it. Meow!”

    But it more than him just following me around everywhere, I also can’t watch TV or work on my laptop without my “needy cat” getting right in my face. There is plenty of room for him to sit next to me on the sofa. There is even a soft blanket put there for him to sleep on. But does he go lay there? No! He has to sit on my lap and there is only one logical way to get there. First – he must climb onto the edge of the sofa (two inches wide) by jumping on the spot next to me with the blanket. Then he walks along the back edge of the sofa (also two inches) until his face is right next to mine. He then surveys the situation by putting both front paws on my shoulder and looking down at my lap which has my laptop on it as I am trying to type the paper I was supposed to turn in some time ago (we won’t mention how long). With his face right next to my ear he meows to announce he is coming. He walks down the front of me stepping on the “shelf” that is created by my boobs until all four of his paws are taking up the only space between my laptop and stomach. At this point he turns around, hitting me in the face with his tail, and looks at me with those big “puss and boots” eyes before meowing loudly because he thinks I need to move the laptop so that he can sit down. He says with his look, “I didn’t know this was going to be a problem – watching Mission Impossible made it all look so easy. Let me retrace my steps to see if I know where it went wrong … let’s see I went up the sofa across the back of it and checked to see that there was room before I came down. Apparently that shelf got in the way of how much space there was… oh well… maybe if I just purr she will forget what she was doing and move the laptop so that I can sit on her lap.”

    He looks at my laptop. “What were you doing anyway?”

    “Oh wait, were you just watching a clip of Suzanne Westenhoefer on YouTube? I can’t stand that lady. She calls herself a lesbian but she doesn’t even like sports, or know how to use tools, and she just keeps on talking ALL the time. I don’t get why you think she is so funny! I’m only a cat and I understand that football is much more than the two teams coming together and moving apart and then coming together and moving apart like Suzanne Westenhoefer says. Seriously don’t we all know football was created because “straight” men needed a reason to touch each other. When else is it okay for groups of “straight” men to tackle each other to the ground in public? Anyway, if you are going to watch this lady that calls herself a ‘lesbian’, then maybe I should just lay on that blanket over there instead.”

    Then I get up to go to … and he is right there with me “oh where are you going. I’m right here with you”

  • kittymew

    So I was talking to my girl about how we could win tickets to this show and she said, “Westenhoefer?! I hardly know her!” 😐 Please help us.

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