LIPDX, the New Blog That Will Showcase Portland’s Queer Female Community


A new soon-to-be-addictive tumblr blog, Lesbians in PDX, is launching this Wednesday, January 18. LIPDX, as it’s called, is run by Portlanders Alex, Rachael, and Ashley, who have brought the fun of the already popular Lesbians in San Francisco up north to our lovely queer city. To get a glimpse at what’s to come, check out, and just imagine how great it will be when it’s our own community showcased.

I had a chance to speak with Alex from the LIPDX Team about the blog and its upcoming launch.

qPDX: What is lesbiansinPDX all about? 

Alex: LesbiansinPDX will be a tumblr blog that showcases the real and diverse queer women of Portland.  It works through community participation. Those who want to be on the blog contact us and we set up a photo shoot. All we ask is for 3 fun facts.  It is a great way for the community to get to know one another.  It’s a fun way to show the world what lovely queer ladies there are in the beautiful city of Portland.

Who will be featured on LIPDX, and how are they chosen?

We ask those featured on LIPDX to be female identified, queer, and reside in Portland, OR, or spend the majority of their time here in the city.  There is no screening process. Those who want to be featured need only to e-mail us at

This website originally launched in San Francisco, correct? What made you all want to bring it to PDX?

Yes, Cat Perez started the LISF in San Francisco. We thought it’d be a good idea to bring it up to Portland to show off the lovely ladies in our city.  We’ve been collaborating with her closely to follow the great model that she’s built for the LISF name. We’re also excited because this will be great way to further get to know our community and be a part of it.

What will be fun about this site for Portland’s queer community? 

It will be fun to know the different faces and fun facts about the ladies in our community.

When can we all expect to start our daily addictions to LIPDX? 

We are launching the LIPDX tumblr,, on January 18th, but as of now there is a facebook page,, and a twitter, @LesbiansinPDX, up and going.

I want to thank Alex for taking the time to talk with qPDX about the launch. And stay tuned to hear from LIPDX on an upcoming episode of 2, Girls, 1 Podcast. If you want to be featured on LIPDX, email their team at If you’re a bit camera-shy as of yet, but no doubt want to see all of the fun photos of and factoids about Portland’s local queer females, be sure to log on to LIPDX starting this Wednesday, January 18.

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