Gaymes, dancing, sizeable fashion, holidaze and academic gayness this weekend

Size Queen clothing comes to the catwalk and to Fat Fancy, just in time for holiday shopping


Opening night for GenderFantasy should be off the chain. For a full preview of what to expect check out our interview with creator Kaj-Anne Pepper.

Size Queen fashion show at Fat Fancy – Our favorite QPOC and locally owned plus size clothing store is having another one of their fabulous events. This time it is a fashion show featuring another local big girls and boys clothing shop, Size Queen, in honor of their lines coming to FF. These events often include a DJ and/or lovely nibbly things so it’s the perfect place to shop and schmooze with folks that are both fashionable and personable. And don’t forget to check out their new Indie Go Go video to raise money to open an online store. It’s both adorable and informative.

Growing Up Policed: Surveiling Racialized Sexualities – If you’re a grad who misses the academic speak from time to time this conference will quench your thirst in a queer way. The daylong conference uses a recent legal case that occurred in Portland, Oregon to highlight how young people marginalized through sexuality and race are targeted. It’s extremely relevant and a great place to start dialogue with other academics, activists and interested community.

Gayme Night: Lucky Number 7 – Boardgames might just be the next hippest thing in P-Town. So thank goddess it has been able to change venue to the Florida Room from the suddenly closed Saratoga.

Don’t miss 2 of our favorite monthly Thursday regulars the emo-tastic Dirtbag! and Sweet Tea for those in deep Nopo.


First Friday art opening at the East End – Featuring some of one of our favorite multi-arts talented folks Brendan Scott (aka DJ Pocket Rockit) as well as fellow PNCA students, Nicholas Dye and Albert Navetta.

Deep Cuts Rad queer party for the queer and ally who really care about the music, not just the boozin’ and dancin’. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of that as well. These are the kind of music “snobs” that will introduce you to some amazing electronic and underground music while refraining from making fun of your Lady Gaga collection. No judging, just funning.

Undone 2 year anniversary – Not necessarily a gay night but a great night for the technophile at a gay owned, staffed and friendly bar. Perfect size for intimate dancing.


Portland State Women’s Basketball Pride Game – PSU ladies B Ball coach, Sherri Murrell, is actually the only out Division I coach in the nation. Isn’t that crazy? Well, we’re uber proud of it here in Portland. So while the high paid “grownup professionals” of the NBA squabble, catch some real hoops action at celebrates a great game and a great team.

AllNight Dance – Robert Tyree presents an 18+ (yay!) performance and vernacular dancing extravaganza that goes all night long. He has a vision for dance as both artistic and social medium not just for drinking and clubbing but for culture, community and so much more. Check out some info about this outlook as well as a video preview on the AllNightDance blog.

Rose City Swing Holiday Affair – The swing portion of Portland’s Gay marching band wants to get you on (and off!) your feet with some vigorous steppin’ in honor of the season. The $15 entry includes a lesson so you have a great place to start with some partying that’s a little more interesting and mid-century stylish than the usual.

Go bear for the holiday performance season


Oregon Bears Holiday Vaudeville Spectacular – Gayness and hairyness are the perfect combo for rough and tumble Oregon so bears are pretty popular. Add some holiday cheer and a variety show and you might faint with PacNW gay love. There’s way too many performers to list here but expect outrageouseness from the likes of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, members of the Drag Mansion, Mr. and Ms. Oregon State Leather, Imperial Sovereign Rose Court and more. Plus there’s a raffle benefitting Esther’s Pantry and food and cocktail service in your seat. You know how I love being waited on.

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