The weekend cuts deep with execution parties, feminist birthday parties, and playing like a girl with Fanny

June and Jean Milligton, from the iconic girl band Fanny, play Saturday as part of their "Play Like a Girl" tour

Don’t forget that it’s the last days of the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and previews should all be out. You can check that plus any reviews thus far in our complete 15th Annual PLGFF coverage.


In Other Words 18th birthday party – One of the last remaining feminist bookstores in the country is still going. I hesitate to say strong, although metaphorically they’re as strong as ever, because in this economy they are in constant need of our love and help. So don’t let the $12 price tag deter you because IOW is not a whole community center and the party’s bound to be hoppin’ with a lineup of performers and DJs. There will also be a raffle, food, beer and wine. The raffle prizes will feature fabulous items from local businesses, restaurants, the Portland Timbers, food carts, bicycle shops, Bitch Media and more

Dirtbag! and Sweet Tea – Two great Nopo parties, the latter in St Johns (which I’m sure is as hard to get out of as it is to get to when you find it hard to leave center city ‘hoods). Dirtbag is a damn good party, and the only queer night I know that exists on Alberta, which is ridiculous. But luckily, even if you’ve become someone who finds it difficult to rage on a weeknight some of the same players will be hosting the first ever Deep Cuts on Friday (below).


Deep Cuts a night for the music enthusiast – This week’s DJ of the Week Kasio Smashio is one of the 2 DJs at the helm of this night (the other is Bruce laBruiser, who has also been profiled). It will be exciting to see newcomer Kasio running her own show and I have no doubt that with Bruce at her side the duo will be able to get shoegazing hipsters to dance to their own tunes. Plus gues DJ Freddie Fagula will help up the ante along with the cool factor. You don’t want to miss the first one, or you won’t be in the know.


Notorious Neon Death Party – Come witness the spectacle that the execution of Portland’s most beloved drag cholas, ChiChi and Chonga is bound to be. It sounds like more than just making fun of our justice system or pre-funking Halloween this will be a death of sorts for the pair that so quickly took the town by storm. Though I understand they may be burnt out on the act I really hope this isn’t the case as, iconic as they have become, they definitely still need a little more time to build off this fame to use it in pursuit of their solo projects. Plus, they’re just really effin’ good and fun to watch. But this way, I suppose, they can always exploit the reunion. So I look forward to seeing them together and apart in the future.

Millington sisters “Play Like a Girl” CD release tour – Before the Runaways there was Fanny. And these pioneers of lady front rock’n’roll are still shredding. This Saturday they bring their tour to Portland’s Star Theater. Play Like a Girl is a direct result of experiences over 50 years since the sisters June and Jean Millington started an all-girl band themselves – and helping other girls learn music today, mentoring, supporting, teaching, and helping them organize themselves in the world of music.

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