Head down to Hamburger Mary’s for a bite that benefits street rights

Support the Sisters of the Road by eating at gay-friendly Hamburger Marys

Well, maybe street rights isn’t quite the right way to phrase it, but do hop on down to gay friendly Hamburger Mary’s in Old Town this Wednesday for a good cause that helps some of the city’s most disadvantaged citizens.

The venue, host to lesbian/queer dance nights such as Dollhouse, are donating a portion of the proceeds they make this Wednesday (so, tomorrow) to Sisters of the Road, which assists and feeds people in need in Portland. On Thursday, Hamburger Mary’s will also be hosting a Drag Bingo with 100% of the proceeds of the bingo and a portion of the food and drink proceeds going to Sisters of the Road. There is also a full list of those local eateries (many of them are very queer friendly and employ queers, such as the Tin Shed) that are doing the same. Check it out under this link.

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