Interview with Peep Show’s Little Tommy Bang Bang

Little Tommy with one of this weekend's hosts ChiChi

In case you haven’t heard former Tuesday show, Peep Show, outgrew it’s weekday shortpants and has moved to a coveted Friday slot because it’s so damn good. qPDX took a minute to sit down with one of the show’s producers Little Tommy Bang Bang so find out some of the dirt behind the move and catch a glimpse of what might be in store for us this Friday.

qpdx: So what prompted the move to Fridays? I assume it has gotten quite popular. Were there other reasons?  

LTBB: The reason for the move to Fridays is simply that we outgrew Tuesdays. After over a year of successful “first Tuesday” shows, the Red Cap agreed to let us have a better night for our show. Keeping in the Portland tradition of monthly events, we are now officially booked for “third Fridays”.

Speaking of the move, how has Peep Show grown and evolved? Is the vision it began with still the same?   

Artemis Chase started Peep Show in early 2010. I became involved with the show as a performer in May 2010 and fell in love with it.  I loved Artemis’ idea of having a show that would feature a variety of queer talent without putting the performers in competition with each other. With the ever growing popularity of Portland talent competitions such as Miss Thing, Portland Drag Race, and Saturnalia, she wanted to focus less on the “judging” aspect and create a more supportive, community-oriented environment. I feel that she was successful in doing this. It was also very important to her to book a variety of talent each month. When I have booked the show, I have worked hard to maintain that idea. On any given month you can always expect to see a few drag performers alongside dancers, burlesque (and boy-lesque) performers, hula hoopers, musicians, comedians and more. I don’t think this will ever change. It is, after all, a queer cabaret variety show.

It seems like a project that began with Artemis Chase, correct me if I’m wrong here, but along the way was helmed by many others. Has it become a more collaborative project? Will there still be rotating hosts or is there still a core group that puts it together?    

As I mentioned before, It was originally Artemis’ show. She booked it and she hosted it. But as she got busy with other things in life, she began collaborating with others. I am a part of a performance troupe called the Drag Mansion. The Mansion did a lot of performing, booking, and hosting when Artemis was out of town. Once I got involved with this show I was hooked. I loved watching the show as much as I loved performing in it. I also loved the dedicated crowd that came every month, even on a week night. I became very involved with the show, and when Artemis announced her official nightlife retirement I was asked to take over her role as point person. I intend to keep the spirit and the format of the show the same. There will still be a rotating cast of hosts and performers to keep it interesting each month. Sometimes it will be myself or other Drag Mansioners, sometimes out of town guests, and who knows…maybe even Artemis will make a surprise appearance on the stage again someday!

This week is hosted by ChiChi and Chonga. They’ve been so successful but also so hard working and in so many places they’ve had to constantly reinvent themselves. Any idea what’s in store for us?

Those two are always full of surprises, but I can guarantee there will be lots of funny business (although I won’t vouch for the tastefulness of their jokes)! They will also be doing some sexy collaboration with DJs Mr.Charming and Roy G Biv during the all new queerlicious post show dance party. There will also be a new drink list with cocktail specials only available during Peep Show each month.

So let’s end with a little haiku:
better than TV
full queer variety show
how could you say no?

Peep show this this Friday August 19th at Red Cap Garage (1035 SW Stark) at 10pm. Check out the event listing for more information:

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