Soak up some sweet tunes at tomorrow’s trans night at Common Ground

DJ Freddie Fagula will be spinning at the Common Ground on Wednesday, July 13th

DJ Freddie Fagula (Do The Dark, Fruitcake, Dirtbag, and about a trillion more, busy boy) is adding a fabulous new opportunity to their DJ roster. Trans Night at Common Ground is the new venture, with Freddie spinning Hip Hop, Rn’B, underground disco and soul as part of Trans & Allies night.

Gyms and spas are one arena where it can be particularly difficult to be trans or genderqueer, due to more closely regulated gendered spaces (locker rooms, women or men only nights etc), and more body exposure. Common Ground has already made a more comfortable place for trans people to enjoy a body-positive soak, and now it’s been made even more fun with the addition of a great soundtrack.

Soak up some sweet music in a supportive atmosphere starting at 8pm, but you gotta move quickly and RSVP, as there is only room for 20 people per hour. Call (503)238-1065 to RSVP (don’t bother trying to do it via Facebook) and head on down to the hot tub for some sweet soul music and maybe a back rub. Tell us how it was!

Common Ground is located at 5010 NE 33rd Ave.

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