‘Burlescape’ this weekend with ‘Blow Pony’ and ‘JunKtion’s Spring Bling

Blow Pony's 4th anniversary this weekend


Sweet Basil‘s Grand re-opening – Would you like some drag with your Pad Thai? I’m excited for them, because I want this to be more than a restaurant. Their food is pretty delicious, but can be hit or miss. Everything tastes fresh, but inconsistent (just like top 40’s pop).

Being told, that this is a gay establishment, I was expecting to feel at home right when I walked through the doors. You know, a queen in full glory, handing you menus and a shot. I don’t want Hamburger Mary’s to have the market on “out and proud”. I think Beaverton moms should be exposed to the haircuts they should have had. I also think that your food should taste as good as the fun you’re having. Really, I wanted more gay. I like when VERY straight people feel a little uncomfortable. It isn’t exclusion… it’s gossipy community.

On that note… a solid B sharp… Sweet Basil cares a lot about what they’re doing. I can’t say that about everyone. Everyone who works there understands the food. The food is good. I just want to be in the club. I’m not a demanding housewife, but I do love service industry discounts. Can’t we get a gay discount card? I want cheaper prices for being homo! Get on that Sweet Basil. I think your future is Rainbow Brite. You take care of your customers!

Burlescape I just saw Burlesquire at the Rosehip Revue and they stole the show. I can’t get Rihanna’s “S&M,” or the sight of their chained, bouncy bubble butts outta my head. They stole the show and I have no doubt they will again. Angelique DeVil will creep you out, but in an amazing way. Did I mention it’s free? Cuz it’s worth 10 times that…

JunKtion‘s Spring Bling – The perfect place to get sprung for the season. So what if all your exes are there? You dated them for a reason once. And it’s spring once again. SPRING BREAK FOREVER!

Snap! 90s dance party – OOhhh… more 90’s. Snap is a great sampling of the decade that Portland can’t get enough of. If you can’t get enough of what other Portlanders aren’t getting enough of, then get enough of it here.


The Sisters’ 80s NightTwo decades in one weekend! This one is for a good cause. It’s the Sisters so of course it is. All proceeds go to the the Quest Center for Integrative Health’s “Healing and Empowerment Program” for breast cancer, and the the Sister’s Grant Fund. So whether it’s a memory or your parents’ memory it’s a good time with punk and lace.

Blow Pony 4 year Anniversay with Mutha-Chucka and Anna CondaHas it really been 4 years since we fucked our way through underground Portland queer nightlife? You’ll never feel so good about waking up in a strangers apartment feeling sore on your wrong bits. Besides annoying suburbanites who won’t let you use the “wrong” bathroom BP is the best night for queer carousing. And it’s our birthday! So don’t worry if you can’t remember. You had a good time. I promise.

This weekend picks has been brought to you by Lyska AND Alley…and the letter Q.

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