Boxing day news roundup includes the signing of DADT repeal and the hilarious Barney Frank

Congressman Barney Frank may look like a muppet but he's tough as nails and funny as anything Jim Henson ever dreamed up

Sorry for the hiatus folks, you have evil domain empire GoDaddy to thank for that. This was originally supposed to be a Christmas Eve news roundup but here we are at Boxing Day, the day to return all the horrendous sweaters we got yesterday. So if you’re still trying to avoid the long arms pf the family here’s a little roundup of good news you have have missed over the last few days of Christmas cheer. (And stay tuned for a New Year’s roundup!)

Obama signs the reapeal of DADT with video below. “That’s done!”

Representative Barney Frank after just coming off a great speech wherein he boldly owns up to his “homosexual agenda” takes the time to discuss showering with a conservative news host.Frank don’t take no guff and he’s hella funny too. “Gays don’t get dry-cleaned,” he jokes, and more seriously “For those who are worried about the radical homosexual agenda, let me put them on notice. Two down, two to go.”

Though it doesn’t make up for taking away our civil rights the Mormon church invited gay activists to their Christmas concert. But only cuz Mom made them.

United Nations voted Tuesday evening to restore “sexual orientation” to a resolution that condemns extrajudicial killings.

And, unfortunately, a bit of bad news among so many victories. Apparently, Target never stopped funding those anti-gay politicians, even if they did “apologize” for doing so.

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