You (and your whole ‘Gayborhood’) better ‘Work!’, ‘Splurt’, ‘Bash’ or ‘Milk’ in preparation for ‘Night of the Living Trannies’ this weekend

sPLURt is hot and gross at the same time...but who didn't love the drugs of the 90s?


Work!Brand spankin’ new night at Plan B (1305 SE 8th Ave), last home of infamous Booty by DJ Gutter Glamour. It evokes that feel good gay 90s RuPaul anthem…so you better work! Oh and leave the drama for yer mama, cuz this ain’t no place for shade just really good music in a fun space. Big back patio and the last day before the rain settles back in for the duration of winter.

Splurt!The former hump day fest is just making it’s way to every third Thursday, but its not too far from Plan B, so you can probably make it to both this and Work! The “hardest workin’ DJs” in town say not to bring either your bad attitude or that sweater (you know the one) but with a theme like, 90s rave bukakke, there might be just a little dramz at this one. Nevertheless Thursdays are for exclamation points and peace, love unity and respect.


Gayborhood – Second installment of the gay Mr Rogers (as if there were another kind) style dance party invites you to take off your work cardigan and put on your land of make believe dance cardigan and sneakers for this magical community dance party. These are indeed the people in your gayborhood….

Humping unicorns make for a good party

Gay Bash – By now we’ve all had a chance to make fun of violence by combining it with a party theme. But Crush (1400 SE Morrison) is doing it with fornicating ponies! Poster alone makes this a night worth checking out.


Blow Pony – Mirror mirror on the wall who is the gayest of them all? Clearly it’s BP and their second annual scary tranny celebration. That’s right this is their Halloween set and they encourage and invite all Ghouls in glitter, stained sheets as ghost, wigs big, zombie wonder women, zombie ga ga, vampires that use teeth for bj’s, mad queens, sick and twisted kings! Ever wonder what “Halloween drag” consists of? Now you know.

MilkBlow Pony is a tough act to compete with in any month let alone the freakishly awesome All Hallow’s Eve edition. But if anyone can do it it’s hot drag newcomers ChiChi and Chonga. And lucky for Red Cap they are hosting Saturday’s Milk, at this sweet dunk dank for your cookies. This inclusive monthly party is for the sweet tooth in all of us. But I am hoping that it won’t always run parallel to the equally raunchy and exciting BP.

Out Like That‘s new Local Lounge party – From the girly minds that bring you the quarterly OLT parties comes a more low key dance yer ass off night at my favorite new local…um…Local Lounge (3536 NE MLK).

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