Beth Ditto’s new Evans collection unveiled

You won’t be able to get it for 3 days, and really, I’m not sure American can get it at all without crossing the pond, but local diva/heroine Beth Ditto‘s new plus size line of clothes is almost here (well, there). And today a few shots of the sized 14-32 line were unveiled in UK Vogue.

A nod to London Fashion Week, Ditto’s designs…[reflect] several decades of style with certain designs inspired by her world travels over the past year.

“There are some special, versatile pieces that I believe in, which include staples to build your strong look from, standout items to wow and even some updated favourites from the last line,” says Ditto. “I know you will look as beautiful in these clothes as you do out of them.”

Some looks from Beth Ditto's upcoming clothing line

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