Mosquito Apocalypse confirmed by local news media - high water levels to blame

Mosquitos are in attack mode right now

Mosquitos are in attack mode right now

Time for a little public service announcement. Not a queer issue per se, but definitely local! If you’ve hit up Sauvie Island or many of the other local beaches lately, you’ll have noticed that the mozzie population is intense and hard to discourage even with bug spray. Sauvie’s is especially bad. Even a few minutes exposure to the mosquitos (that now can bite several times in a row, and of course some of them carry diseases) can result in many, many bites, especially at dusky feeding time. (which is right about the time many people leave the beach)

According to the Oregonian, the cause of the evil (dubbed “Mosquito Apocalypse” during our last trip to Sauvie’s) is caused by the cool, wet spring, and high water levels due to the rainfall we endured in June. Here’s the full oregonian report with some tips on minimizing mosquito bites. Some tips include: Cover up, pack some deet, stay out of the shade while walking through the woods, and keep moving.

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