Things to do this weekend: Booty Edition

Just some of the super hot go go dancers, Chase Bender, Chance McKinsey, & Storm Titley, appearing at Queer Cornucopia

Looks like we are all finally recovered from Pride, because the weekends are back. There’s more than enough to keep you busy but the most exciting reunion of this week (cuz, yeah, there’s more comin’ up) is the return of Puppet and Stormy‘s Booty: Queer as Ye Be. But the past ain’t all the weekend, or Friday for that matter, have to offer. There’s foam, punchy go go dancers, and bar hopping unicorns.


Queer CornucopiaThe trannies and chasers are out in full force to hock their sexy wares in benefit of Tuff Luck and Original Plumbing and yet the best part is that it’s low pressure donation. Savory Pink‘s Sophia St James wanted the community to be able to “support TL and OP in a matter that they are comfortable [with]…” But you’ll want to contribute to these hotties as they dole out either kisses or punches. That’s right, it’s a very naughty “kissing” booth they’ve got goin’ on here and I have got to figure out a way to get back and forth from the south to the north.

BootyA full fledged history of pirate debauchery, Booty was the queer king of Thursday nights for nearly 4 years before Puppet left us for the other gay mecca. It’s always dirty, sweaty fun, but this time it could come with some cold, hard cash if you know how to swing the junk in your trunk. That’s right, midnight brings a Booty Bounce contest that could net you a Benjamin.

PDX.FM Unicorn Pub CrawlIt’s too bad radio DJ Emily Gibson isn’t a VJ instead cuz the girl’s a butch hottie. And y’all will get to know that if you’re dedicated to the combo of liquor and glitter that PDX.FM’s queer contingent put together. Each location will have a competition including Unicorn Break Dancing, the Glitter Grab, and the Straight Line Gallop. Any night with Gibson is fun, but this is a theme of the gods.

Traffic Jam FridayThat lesbian classic the E Room has a lot of competition these days but sometimes you just want an old school hookup. With red, yellow and green wristbands that tell you when to stop and go, this is the place to do it.


Portland Grizzlies yard saleGet your shop on while being both philanthropic and ecologically sound. Besides, there’s prolly some really cheap cool ass shit. And it’s softball dude, how gay is that!

Q Poetry Night with Elena RoseIt’s ain’t all wine, women and song, sometimes we want a little culture with our queerness. And an open mic gives your hipster spoken-word spittin’ ass the opportunity to share the stage with the real talent.

THEESatisfaction plays their first PDX show Sunday

Ring My Bella: a 70s Disco Inferno – If you know me you know that I hate to miss anything good. But what I hate that I’ve missed more than anything? The 70s. I may not have the body type for those high waisted fashions but damn did they know how to party in my mama’s day. I’ve heard those stories girl. So here’s to hoping this party is more than just a silly excuse to disco but instead exudes the real raunch of that decade of debauchery.

GaycationHolocene is still the Homoscene. Let’s keep it that way.

Foam party at Red Cap – You know I love both the ’70s and the ‘moscene but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the cheap thrill that something as simple as skimpy swim suits and soap can provide. A friend and I were just wishing for this clean up dirtiness. So come slip and slide all over me girl…I’m down.


THEE Satisfaction, SistaFist with Rafael Vigilantics, Cloudy October, Lamar Leroy – Dudes, this awesome hip hop show almost flew under my radar. And damn, THEE Satisfaction‘s awesome mix if hip hop, electro and old school is close enough to PDX that I have no idea why I haven’t heard more about them. And as for SistaFist they belong squarely to us, so don’t miss out.

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