Fruitcake returns for one night only humpday extravaganza

DJ Nolita. Photo courtesy Just Out

As exciting as it may be to have a little pre-gay pizza b-ballin’ in the court across from Portsmouth, I have to go with my nostalgic gut and make an appearance at the Rotture (315 SE 3rd) for Nolita’s much missed Fruitcake. Unfortunately, we lost this party to the open arms and venues of the Bay area, and they love it too. Thankfully, they’re willing to share every once in awhile.

Trying to bring a little NYC flavor to Portland has always kept Fruitcake a fresh and intimate night, with incredible highlights such as last year’s Halloween party and New Years Eve featuring Beth Ditto.

Tonight is also sure to be a badass bash with a host of fantastic DJs including Nolita herself in the main room along with iLL Camino (Blow Pony/Maricon) Roy G Biv (BENT), Gottesfinger (Art Party/Atole/Matrimony) and Stormy (Booty/Ransom) and Jimme Jamma (Sick/Ransom) on Smokey’s Big Gay Back Deck.

And yes, that is the same one that Perry has predicted to fall. Personally, I like the gentle bounce and the la vida dangerous. If I’m gonna snuff it, might as well be doing something I love with my community. So let’s get our dance on fools!

Update: Just in case you needed a few more reasons to attend, and I don’t really know why you would, here’s some more incentive from Nolita.

1. There’s gonna be a sequin Jambi themed photobooth backdrop shot by Ally Bloodhound of Brooklyn fame!
2. It’s $3 if you get there before 10!
3. There’s music on the “smoke” deck *wink* *wink*
4. You don’t actually have a day job and if you do, SO WHAT?! At least it’s not raining!
5. FRUITCAKE is closing up shop in PDX for good.


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