You know...weekend fun stuff, like Blow Pony, No Shade, Do the Dark and gay river times

Let's have a gay ol' time at the Washougal River!


Do the DarkYes, do it. Guest DJ Nolita (Fruitcake) is in town from Oakland and it’s gonna be sick. Oh yeah, and weinie roasting on the back deck. What more could a summer queer ask for? If you don’t already know this party you should.


Need and Bangs reunion benefitI know a lot of you will be here earlier in the night, but you can still dance it up after right?

No ShadeYes, just keep going. No drama-rama party with a great mix of fabulous peeps. And I really love that they include some mixes to get you in the spirit. I’d totally play it at the pre-funk. Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t have enough Nolita already, she’ll be here too. And you can never get enough.


Big Gay swim times at the Washougal RiverStart your 94 degree day off right. It’s not all bars and dancing. And Sauvies and Rooster Rock aren’t only places the gays like to swim. Recently the rumor of Milemarker 7 has been circulating in the queer community but this weekend a concrete takeover is being organized. As a VanWA native I will warn that it might not be as top off, come as you are friendly up on the outskirts of the ‘Couv but I’ve never really had any big problems either. So stick together and be aware, but still be your radical selves. I’ll be there and I got your back.

Haus of Gaga 3Ok, now back to the dancing. The wonderfully no cover CC Slaughters (219 NW Davis) hosts its third Lady Gaga celebration featuring special remix CDs, a chance to bid on tickets to her upcoming show, and you can be a VIP for the proletariat-friendly price of a tenner.

Blow PonyEverybody’s favorite queer as f*** dance party is back for the first time since Pride. Will it be as busy? Will the food cart truck be outside? Will people be too tired and it’ll be empty? Nah…It’s always epic. The outside is open and you can dance under the dusky stars. What a perfect Saturday night ending.


Game night at Girl CrushI absolutely love that there’s no shame in games, or other traditionally nerdy things, in this town. You can be a dancing dyke hipster and still get down with some Trivial Pursuit or Apples to Apples. The Crush food menu is pretty dope and happy hour is extended until 8. Plus the Crave girls that put this even on are so sweet and cute. Worth checkin’ out if you are still hoppin’ by Sunday.

3 comments to You know…weekend fun stuff, like Blow Pony, No Shade, Do the Dark and gay river times

  • Dede Desperate

    Stop giving our swimming holes away……….WE like the fact that not a lot of people know of the Washougal and now we have to move upstream, JEEZ THANKS!

  • you want LESS cool, literate, local queers at the swimming spot? interesting.
    it’s not like annoying fratboys read our blog!
    and it’s not like this information isn’t all over FB already…

  • alleyhector

    Oh girl, I’m sorry but the Washougal lost its secret status a long time ago! Actually I kinda wish the queers were headed toward the farthest Washougal point. That’s my favorite spot there actually.

    But I did used to know a pretty great secret spot on the Lewis (past Battleground) that could only be accessed through my high school friend’s undeveloped family property. I’m down to help organize a gay ass trip…but I guess you’d have to reveal yourself to get the deets 😉