Topp Twins live review

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Story of our lives: it seems that qPDX is plagued with camera problems. Mike’s equipment broke at the colorful La Lucha event leaving us photo-less and my ancient borrowed digi has a missing cord that makes it impossible for me to get pictures of the Topp Twins‘ Portland performance off the machine and onto this blog. Don’t even get me started on all the camera borrowing, mishaps, and jerry-rigging we’ve done before.

But I was in attendance at last night’s sold out Mission Theater show and it was worth it, camera or no. Every bit as hilarious as I expected them to be, the twins are also extremely talented musicians and endearingly sincere. It was also refreshing to be in a diverse audience of gay and straight, west and east-siders, hippies and yuppies. Though I have to say, the intimate venue made walk-ups, most of whom I would guess would be a lot younger than the bulk of the crowd, impossible.

It’s too bad, because hipsters, farmers and spinster aunts alike can appreciate the Topp Twins. They made fun of Aussies and Portlanders, and each others characters. The persuaded a very average looking bloke to do an “exotic” dance and the entire audience joined in.

And though Jools and Lynda have no problems making themselves look absolutely ridiculous, like when Jools flicks a gross and funny snake tongue as Camp Leader, they emerged at the end of the show triumphant and stylish in tight designer jeans matched with just slightly country button-downs. And when Lynda yodels it is much more amazing that kitsch.

Somehow the Topp Twins truly encompass a universal message of love, peace, and environmental activism that is refreshing and energizing. I’d elect them president and put them in charge of the BP oil spill if I could. But I’m a little smitten…

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