Photos and recap from the Winter Gala

Photo by Ashley Bedford

After interviewing Kendall Clawson about the details of the 2nd annual Q Center Winter Gala, I just had to go check out the event myself. My girlfriend and I scrounged our closet and multiple thrifts stores in efforts to find outfits suitable to wear to a black tie affair. It was a daunting task considering my part of the closet consists mostly of converse and tattered t-shirts, but it all worked out nicely in the end and we enjoyed an exceptional night out on the town. Take a peak into the event with our Winter Gala photo gallery. (All photos taken by Ashley Bedford).

Was it all it was cracked up to be? Basically! Everything was gorgeous, and yes, extremely glittery. The 6th floor of the Nines hotel was packed with fabulous looking, borderline-celebrity queers and political figures, all who had jazzy cocktails in hand. The VIP room (which I tried to sneak into but was reminded by my virtuous girlfriend that that wasn’t the best idea) looked abuzz and downright fun.

Tahoe Jackson and the Pete Petersen Orchestra did not fail to get everyone on the dance floor. But I’m sure the open bar helped significantly in that department, too!

It wasn’t exactly the queer scene we were used to (like, say, a holocene dance party), but we had a lovely time socializing in an upscale way for a necessary cause. It’s possible that we were the youngest people there; but it was all good—we represented 20 somethings everywhere by drinking our brains out and dancing until the wee hours of the night. In the end, I walked away from the event with the quintessential souvenir of a great night: a hangover that took a day and a half to shake.

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