Queer influx at tomorrow’s 90s dance party Snap!

This is the album I bought the first time I ever skipped school in 6th grade. This is also what you should be wearing tomorrow...

Coco’s 90s inspired dance party Snap! at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison) has always been queer friendly. They even had a crossover party with Double Down called Double Snap! last spring. But local queers have become used to having a party thrown in our honor almost every day, and with few options for a coveted Friday night we are forced to make our own fun.

That’s why tomorrow, we’re taking over the Homocene.

Part party part experiment, while filling my own personal social calendar for the weekend we decided to attend the Kriss Kross-lovin’ 20th Century extravaganza. And we’re not the only ones. Several Crave ladies have also announced their intention to dance it out. Now all we need is you. So read the description below and get excited. I’ll see you on the dance floor.

DJs Dr. Adam
DJ Freaky Outy
Colin Jones
Plus special guest DJ Vize {playing New Jack Swing}


Featuring an amalgamation of DJs from around the city, this thing promises to be a dance party staple for the ages. We want to see Esprit, Bum Equipment, Mossimo, overall shorts, Cross Colors, all that..Think Ninja Turtles, Crystal Clear Pepsi, Bill playin sax and Frankie says relax. Pay homage to Color Me Badd, White Town, BBD and a young Snoop D O double G. If you can still do The Running Man, The Whop, Kid ‘n’ Play or that jiggle thing across the stage that MC Hammer used to do, then you’ll fit right in…We’re gonna sex you up, knock your boots and maybe even zoom a zoom zoom in your boom boom.

5 comments to Queer influx at tomorrow’s 90s dance party Snap!

  • Kriss Kross’ “Totally Krossed Out” was one of the vary first tapes I ever bought that my parents hated!

    • Diana Edwards

      omg. perry that’s funny. i grew up listening to 90s dance jams on saturday morning while my dad made us pancakes….explains a lot huh?

  • I had a huge Kriss Kross poster. It’s probably still in my mom’s garage with duct tape on the corners. I have no shame…

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  • Thanks so much to everyone that came out! I was in heaven with all the beautiful people that showed up. There was such an awesome vibe! Please come back and check us out every last Friday at Homocene 🙂