The Invasion of a Gloss-y new ladies lounge night


Opening night at Invasion

Somehow, the capacity for puns that so enthrals fellow blogger PerryWinkle has taken residence in my own writing style, hence the potentially painful title of this post. Luckily, you can sooth your aching ears with the much smoother sounds and surroudings at Portland’s newest ladies’s night, Gloss, at Portland’s newest queer bar, Invasion.

Put on by Portland’s premiere Fatshionista Carlee Smith, of Fat Fancy, Gloss is a night more for schmoozing and socializing than dancing. And though Wednesdays may have some competition from the north, there are plenty of perks that make Gloss a great place to hang out.

Firstly, the place is generous with their drink specials. Though I don’t have specifics on what they will be opening night had freebies and Pride weekend featured dollar Mimosas and Bloody Marys.

There is also the aurally satisfying sounds of DJs Mr. Charming of (Gaycation), Nolita (Fruitcake) and DJ Girlfriends (where doesn’t think hunky spinner not DJ?).

To top it off, however, are the swanky yet surprisingly unpretentious surroundings. Recently profiled in Just Out I had nothing but good things to say about the mid-century atomic lounge:

Open just in time for a busy Pride weekend, the new atomic lounge at 412 SW Fourth – the old Veganopolis spot – is a welcome respite from the close quarters of other gay clubs and bars. With a healthy dose of irreverence and very little pretense, Invasion sports a modern mid-century theme with just the right combination of cool and kitsch…

…The varied layout leaves plenty of room for either energetic mingling or low-key couch lounging. A lovely open space on the second floor that overlooks the main level is perfect for cruising, and a couple of cozy private rooms make even Average Joes feel they can appreciate a taste of the VIP lounge. And though the bar is bustling, the wait for drinks is never interminable as it can often be at other popular clubs.

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