Rock girls or club boys, the choice is yours


QBoy will be at Crown Room Thursday June 18th

I know we’re all barely recovered from Pride, but tomorrow already sees two great competing nights out.

The queer party at the Crown Room (205 NW 4th), Delicious, has been a laid back dance party sensation for a few months now, but this Thursday the party steps it up with rhymes coming all the way from the UK with a live performance by queer rapper QBoy.

The LGBTQ hip hop movement is starting to gain momentum with acts such as Cazwell, Johnny Dangerous, Lady Sovereign, Scream Club, Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir. It’s exciting to see us becoming part of a subculture that is often known for its misogyny and homophobia. But the boys and girls are everything in between are starting to really lay down the beats and integrate it into our already thriving dance scene.

QBoy’s anthems are straight up danceable and thumpy, with the nuance of fidget house and electro DJing as well as guest appearances by locals Scream Club.

While his album, Moxie, doesn’t drop until July 13th, you can check out a video for his single, “Coming Out 2 Play,” below.

For the those more into Portland’s long time diet of indie rock, Rotture (315 SE 3rd) is the place to be tomorrow night. A benefit for Portland’s Girls’s Rock Camp, the show features sets from Feelin’ Alright, featuring Kaia Wilson (Team Dresch), Jenny Hoyston (Erase Errata), Katie Davidson (Dear Nora), Dirty Mittens, anaturale and DJ STS.

The legendary Wilson and her sweet syrupy voice can be elusive, though she has done some solo shows lately. But hopefully this new project will truly showcase her raw rock talent as she tears it up with dirty guitar riffs in stark juxtaposition to the vocals. Although the multi-talented Hoyston is sure to add some musically diverse flavor.

And while headliners Feelin’ Alright might have a classic rock vibe, local homo-hopper anaturale and DJ STS will have you jumping just as hard as Delicious, just on the other side of the river.

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